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Why Text?

Text Marketing is Immediate, Personal, and Effective.

Have you ever wished that you could flip a switch or turn a dial and bring in a flood of profitable customers? Nobody fails to read the messages on their cell phones.Text Marketing provides an instant and highly personal connection between a business and their loyal customers to share information, offer a flash deal, send out an afternoon special, or promote a seasonal offer that rings up sales during an otherwise slow time. Text Marketing has been described by one of our clients as like having a private broadcast channel to the customers who want to hear from you. If there can be such a thing as word of mouth marketing on demand, this is it.

  • Unsold or Expiring Inventory – When you need to move product, text gets the word out.
  • Exciting, Inspiring, or Newly Arrived Inventory – Text lets you promote products that get your customers excited and motivated to
Drive Business on Slow Days
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  • The immediacy of putting an offer or a message on the screen of a customer’s phone allows you to drive revenue in response to real-time market conditions. Empty bays, booths, tables or schedules? Text changes the dynamic of your business in real time.
Send Important Information
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  • Urgent time sensitive messages are perfect for text messaging because the message gets delivered and read instantly. When someone needs to know, you need to text them.
Enhance Customer Connectivity and Warm Referrals
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  • Text marketing is entirely permission based. Only customers who want to hear from you will receive your messages.
  • Messages can be forwarded from existing customers to new customers, creating a very personal and powerful referral network.
Build Professional Reputations
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  • Send clients or referred prospects professional announcements, relevant updates, market movements, important regulations, and recent accomplishments.
  • Stay top of mind by regularly communicating valuable or helpful information or tips.
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